How to Tell A Guy Likes You

He smiles at you one day but the next you get the cold shoulder.

He flirts with you another day and seems to come on to you. He tells you that you look pretty. He jokes with you and sometimes even teases you.

You know you like him but with all these mixed messages, is he really at all in like with you? There are a few signs that will indicate a guy likes you. The following are some of the best indicators that a guy likes you.

He Teases You

This is one of the biggest signs that he does, in fact, like you. A guy will use his sense of humor to put a girl that he likes at ease. He will also use it as a means of covering up his own nerves. If he likes you he will, no doubt, feel a little nervous around you. He uses humor and teasing to cover that up but also to charm you. And, the only reason he wants to charm you is that he really likes you and wants you to like him back.

He Ignores You

This one may sound counterintuitive, and in some ways it is. But, a guy who likes a girl or woman will sometimes give her the cold shoulder. He is afraid of you rejecting him outright especially in front of his guy friends, so he will act like you are not even there. Don’t take offense. If he only ignores you at certain times such as when his friends are around it could mean that he likes you but is not sure how you feel about him.

Some men run hot and cold. They do this as part of the dating game. If he has already become flirty with you in the past and often uses joking to put you at ease, chances are that when he ignores you it is only because he does like you but is unsure of where he stands with you.

He Smiles at You

Of course, this is one of the biggest signs he likes you. In addition to smiling, he will make direct eye contact with you. And, he will often pay you compliments. These signs are certain indicators that he does like you. Be aware of the body language he uses around you. When he faces you directly or puts his hand on your shoulder, he is telling you in no uncertain terms that he likes you.