• New sizzling LoveHaus campaign shot by Yu Tsai is here…


    Thursday, August 21st, 2014 9:06 pm
  • Check out these beautiful shots by August Dering!


    Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 7:42 pm

I’ve been really enjoying Summer and letting my hair air dry to it’s natural texture. To add to my Summer hair obsession, I found an amazing recipe on for DIY highlights! I’m sure we’ve all tried Sun-In and what does it do? — It makes our hair orange and dries it out!  Apparently, this […]


Heels got you down?  Summer has been all about the canvas slip-on for me (except for fancy events, of course!)  I’ve been living in my selection of canvas shoes while out and about and my feet are thanking me!  They’re easy to get on and off and much more comfortable than sandals! I’ve picked out […]