How to Tell A Guy Likes You

He smiles at you one day but the next you get the cold shoulder.

He flirts with you another day and seems to come on to you. He tells you that you look pretty. He jokes with you and sometimes even teases you.

You know you like him but with all these mixed messages, is he really at all in like with you? There are a few signs that will indicate a guy likes you. The following are some of the best indicators that a guy likes you.

He Teases You

This is one of the biggest signs that he does, in fact, like you. A guy will use his sense of humor to put a girl that he likes at ease. He will also use it as a means of covering up his own nerves. If he likes you he will, no doubt, feel a little nervous around you. He uses humor and teasing to cover that up but also to charm you. And, the only reason he wants to charm you is that he really likes you and wants you to like him back.

He Ignores You

This one may sound counterintuitive, and in some ways it is. But, a guy who likes a girl or woman will sometimes give her the cold shoulder. He is afraid of you rejecting him outright especially in front of his guy friends, so he will act like you are not even there. Don’t take offense. If he only ignores you at certain times such as when his friends are around it could mean that he likes you but is not sure how you feel about him.

Some men run hot and cold. They do this as part of the dating game. If he has already become flirty with you in the past and often uses joking to put you at ease, chances are that when he ignores you it is only because he does like you but is unsure of where he stands with you.

He Smiles at You

Of course, this is one of the biggest signs he likes you. In addition to smiling, he will make direct eye contact with you. And, he will often pay you compliments. These signs are certain indicators that he does like you. Be aware of the body language he uses around you. When he faces you directly or puts his hand on your shoulder, he is telling you in no uncertain terms that he likes you.

Where to Buy Sex Toys Online

The old days of walking into a sex shop in disguise are pretty much over.

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So You Know What Toy You Want

After you’ve done your research on which vibrator is best, it’s time to make a purchase.

These days there are several online retailers which will ship to most places around the world. Some of actual adult online stores which specialize in various types of sex toys, others are specific brand which might only sell a specific type of toy, and then there are huge retailers like Amazon which actually sell many types of toys such as wand massagers.

So you can shop around if you wish, but we would recommend you stick to the adult oriented stores. Two of the big names are Adam and Eve, and Love Honey. 

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What Are the Absolute Best Ways to Propose to Someone?

couple on a dating sitting at a table

Are you thinking about proposing to someone special? If you are going to propose, you want to make sure that you are doing it the right way. While there are thousands of different ways to propose to someone, it is all about choosing a way that is meaningful and special for the one you love. You want to make that moment as memorable as possible for your partner.

On the Beach

Some people like proposing on the beach because it sets the scene for such a romantic moment. You can choose to propose to your sweetheart during the day when the sun is shining or at night when the moon is hovering over the ocean waves. There is something special about sitting down in the sand with your partner, talking about good times, and then randomly popping the question out of nowhere to the surprise of your significant other. If you live near a beach or are not too far from one, you may want to think about proposing the next time you decide to go there.

At a Romantic Dinner Date

You can always plan a romantic date where you will have dinner with your partner at a fancy restaurant. Enjoy a delicious meal, have some dessert, and then pop the question right at the perfect moment. Your partner will never forget that moment. You could even get the staff members at the restaurant to get in on the proposal by having them bring out a special dessert right when you pull out the box with the ring inside of it.

At the Place Where You First Met One Another

Another great place to propose is in the spot where you first met your partner. Did you meet him or her while you were in college, hanging out on the beach, or even at the mall? Bring your sweetheart back to the place where things first started and choose the right moment to get on one knee. It is such a sentimental way to propose to that special someone in your life.

If you are trying to come up with a creative and memorable way to propose, try one of these different options. You could propose to the special person in your life while on the beach, at a romantic dinner together, or even in the spot where you first met one another. Once you pick the spot, you simply need to decide on the right time to propose.

The Best Date Night Movies

It is of course a matter of personal preference but the best romantic movie that will ever are those that will change your life forever. It may that time when hands touched over that first box of popcorn, or that wonderful sunset on the beach followed by an evening of crisp white wine taking in a classic of the silver screen. The fact of the matter is that romance is in the eye of the beholder. And your favorite romantic movie might not be to the taste of everyone – but all of them have something to offer each and every one of us.

So what are classic romantic movies that both men and woman will enjoy – especially cuddled together on the couch.

Times change and those movies that might have once been popular romance titles may not have held up to the test of time. But there are some titles that are almost evergreen when it comes to timeless romance.

So if you want to enjoy an evening filled to the brim with romance which movie should you choose. Here some choices which seem to win the people’s award for getting cosy.

Moulin Rouge is a simple shoe in. The scenery is great the setting is fantastic and the characters are intriguing. Most men will even forget that at heart this is a musical. Villains galore a star struck love affair and a great story that has stood the test of time.

Repressed desire and love in a time where class would dictate your choice of partner. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen is re-imagined in this thought provoking examination of what makes desire and just how far one would set aside ones own desires to fulfill a dream.

No list worth its salt could escape without at least a hat tip to Casablanca. It is a gritty, but escapist look at what love could be in the midst of impossible circumstances/ The performances of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman set the tone for the tortured ideal of reaching for the impossible love.

Who could forget that wonderful romance of the 90’s – Dirty Dancing. It finally showed of a man who could actually dance. In a classical manner/ In men sat in wonder. It overturned many stereotypes and gave an insight into divergent cultural groups and what love could overcome. In retrospect it may seem innocent in the extreme but Dirty Dancing does remain one of those classic romantic movies.

An evening with a loved one is to be treasured. Even the greatest fan of action movies must admit that a romantic movie or two is not out of place. It softens our hearts to the possibility of true love against all odds – and that is not a bad thing.

How to Determine Best Female Beauty Products

A best female beauty products consists of different factors one should consider. One of it is the ingredients and substance being used for the product. If it consists of harmful chemicals then it is definitely a red mark. You should look for a more holistic and natural products which paves for its quality. Another notes is the reviews and response from other users. It is best if you read actual online reviews regarding the product. The higher the rate of the product the better it is. Thirst important factor to consider as well is the availability and cost of the product. You may need to consider various options for the type of beauty product if it is indeed worth the price. If it is available in your area and you could easily access it.